Freakin' Awesome

I run a project which called “Freakin’ Awesome”; it’s an art project, that focus on video art and an art photography. In my YouTube channel, you can find my covers, combined with our video art; a rare and unique combination. While on my other social media (my blog, Facebook, Instagram etc...) you can find our art photographs.
Each one of our photo shoots, has a deep meaning and a massage; you are free to interpret it as you wish, though I will always suggest my own opinion.
I send my love and appreciation to my talented and qualitative team;
Hava Bonchuk - photographer and a graphic designer.
Tanya Bershadsky - make-up artist.
Daniel Aranchuk - second photographer.
And me, Vlada Gilburt - alternative model, and a "concept thinker".

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