My name is Vlada Gilburt, I’m singer-songwriter, actress, alternative model and a writer. I keep healthy and sportive lifestyle, which includes a vegan diet and daily workouts. I keep spiritual lifestyle, which includes meditation, astral projections, lucid dreams and so on…

What do I do?


My genres are Indie, indie-rock, indie-pop, dark-pop, dream-pop, alternative-rock and everything I feel like during the process of creation.
Currently, unsigned artist.

Acting & modeling:

I run my own project, which called “Freakin’ Awesome”, it's an art project that focus on photography art and video art. 
For business (acting and modeling) contact my agency, Levana Hakim - levana@levanahakim.co.il.

Social Media:

Instagram - @VladaGilburt.
Every live being, has it's own everything; which is made out of universes, galaxies, planets, dimensions and so on... My blog is a little glimpse to mine "everything", which means that it combines a lot of different topics, such as spiritual lifestyle, healthy and sportive lifestyle, art, music, fashion etc...






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