Saturday, 22 October 2016

Mugen (無限)

Between the countless moments, and the endless various feelings that fill them, there is one very special feeling that comes up from time to time. It’s quit and unobtrusive, almost fleeting, however I cannot miss it. It’s almost impossible to describe it; this deep, melancholic longing to something that doesn’t exist.
Sometimes, I miss something that is too far for me to reach, such as the space and the stars. Watching the universe, may make me want to cry, as this strange feeling starts to fill me up. It’s almost like every cell in my body is screaming that it wants there, but where?
Sometimes I miss places that I’ve never been at, and probably will never be. Some of them not even exist. Or, I may miss people that I’ve never met, and experiences that I’ve never had.
I miss other worlds, universes and things that I can’t even imagine or understand, at least not while I’m in a human body.
I miss something that I don’t even know.
This sweet, but sad feeling that fills me up… It’s like a dream; like a fantasy. It seems as if this feeling is from a different time, and a different world, which is in the moment is out of reach for me. Maybe it’s even out of time and space; endless and infinite.
This is why, I call this feeling “Mugen”, which is “infinite” in Japanese, but also may be translated as “dream” or “fantasy”. I feel like this is the best way I can describe it in the moment.

Model: Vlada Gilburt.
Make-up artist: Tanya Bershadsky.
Photographer: Daniel Aranchuk.
Graphic designer: Hava Bonchuk.
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