Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Loud Era Of Colors

There is no doubt, that the 21 century, is the time of globalization. Naturally, this process has a great influence on our culture, we can see it every field in our lives – in arts, foods, fashion and so on…
In fact, we can see a rise of a new culture, which is being made from the ashes of the old world; the world of history and tradition.
We still don’t know, where exactly this process will lead us, in the moment there is only one thing that we know for sure – it’s going to be a colorful, bright and multi-cultural age. Also, it’s going to be loud, very loud.
And as always, here are some behind the scene photos (starring my butt):
Photographer and graphic designer: Hava Bonchuk.
Second photographer: Daniel Aranchuk.
Make-up artist: Tanya Bershadsky.
Model: Vlada Gilburt.
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Vlada Gilburt.

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