Saturday, 13 August 2016

Our Raw And Inner Heaven

Ladies and Gentleman (and all of the others), let me introduce you another photo shoot, which is called “Our raw and inner heaven”, and of course, it’s a part of the art project “Freakin’ Awesome”.
This photo soot is about a certain part of our inner world; our “heaven” that is full of our raw and unprocessed fantasies. This heaven lays down very deep inside us, so deep that most of us will never be able to reach it.
In this world hides all of our real and authentic fantasies; not the ones that we’ve got while growing up, thanks to media, or to our family, but the ones that were there from the beginning. They are our raw and unprocessed fantasies. It’s just like the white noise - behind all of the music, there is the white noise; it’s wild, real and raw.
What fantasies are hidden behind the limits of our imagination? What will you find if you enter the forbidden zone of your unconsciousness?
And a little bit behind the scenes:
Thanks to my unique and talented team:
Photographer & Graphic designer: Hava Bonchuk.
Make-up artist: Tanya Bershadsky.
Stylist: Shirly Abkin.
And me, the Alternative model: Vlada Gilburt.
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Share with me some of your thoughts about this topic, so it won't be a monologue, but a dialogue.
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Love you too,
Vlada Gilburt.

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