Saturday, 2 July 2016

Stop the Abuse of Mother Nature

One of my latest photo shoots is “Stop the Abuse of Mother Nature”, which is part of my art project “Freakin’ Awesome”. In this post, I would like to discuss with you such a huge topic as the environment.
Of course, we wouldn’t be able to go deep into this topic, because of its greatness and meaningfulness, so we will just touch the tip of the tip of the mountain. However, we will come back to this topic continuously in the future.
The main massage of this photo shoot is pretty much clear; we, the human race, destroy our home, our planet. In this photo shoot, we tried to show the “battle” between the man and the nature; an unwanted and unnecessary battle, which exacts a high price, in fact this price is much higher than we will ever be able to pay.
On one hand, we humans, really like to talk proudly about our planet as the only planet in the whole universe, which contains life (it’s ridicules of course, but let’s leave this conversation to another time), but on the other hand, we go and easily destroy this life and the planet itself.
The truth is that we have reached a very dangerous point, basically, we are on the edge. We waste a lot of time on thinking and speaking about it, but we are doing nothing, and now is the time to change it. It’s our time to start taking actions, because if this situation continues, as I wrote before, the price we’ll have to pay will be too high for us. 

Beside the general idea of this photo shoot, it’s also a campaign against the air pollution in the city Haifa, which is in Israel. In the moment, Haifa is the most polluted and polluting city in the Middle East, and the one who is in charge of this situation is the “oil refineries Ltd”, also known as the “Bazan”. The Bazan wishes to expand its territory, which can be a fatal and deadly blow for Haifa.
Greenpeace Israel also takes an active part in the fight against the air pollution in Israel, and in Haifa in particular. This means, that they are also fight against the Bazan, and its expension. So, they’ve support our campaign by exposing it in their social media -
Thank you Greenpeace Israel for supporting us and for your fights in general. Together we will make the change.
Also, We have made a video for this photo shoot, which is the first video of "Freakin' Awesome".
By the way, those of you who have a sharp eye, will be able to notice a few more massages that are "hidden" (not that hidden) in this photo shoot, such as gender equality and feminism.

Of course, I send my love and appreciation for my unique and talented team:
Modeling & acting - Vlada Gilburt & Daniel Aranchuk.
Photographer and graphic design ( Stills ) - Hava Bonchuk.
Photographer ( video ) - Dor Ohayon.
Make-up artist - Tanya Bershadsky.
And for dessert, we have some "unreleased" and unedited photos:
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Share with me some of your thoughts about this topic, so it won't be a monologue, but a dialogue.
And we will keep our conversation in my future posts.
Love you too,
Vlada Gilburt.

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