Saturday, 16 July 2016

Back to the ancient Gods

“Freakin’ Awesome” is here once again, with another photo shoot that is called “Back to the ancient Gods”.
The main topic of this photo shoot is the nature, or to be more specific, it’s all about our bond with the earth, as a contrast to our life in the, so called, modern world.
We were born to be free, to be wild. We were born to live in nature. We were born to be part of the nature.
But we are not.
We live an absolutely different life than the one that we were born to live – Instead of living free and wild life, from the moment we learn to walk we get locked inside a system, inside a frame. Instead of living in the nature, we live in a concrete houses. Instead of being part of the nature, we try to be its ruler.
However, we can’t ignore it; this deep, and strong longing to the earth, to the nature.
It will always be there, a little and bothersome feeling of incompleteness that sometimes may even turn into emptiness. It’s a strike result of the modern world, and the urban lifestyle that we’ve adopted. Of course, we were born into this, and this is why it’s so hard for us to imagine another way of living, but it does exist.
This photo shoot is called “Back to the ancient Gods”, because the ancient Gods were always part of the nature, while the modern God is the ruler of the nature. It’s perfectly reflects the human attitude towards the nature, back then and now.
The ancient world adored the nature and respected it. We can see it clearly in the ancient religions, such as the Animism and the Spiritualism. This is why in our photo shoot we used some aspects from the ancient Celtic and Nordic religions.
It’s all about setting ourselves free, giving ourselves the opportunity to be wild, to feel the earth beneath our feet. We can go back to our roots and to connect once again with the Mother Nature.
And of course, there are also some photos from behind the scenes:
And the icing of the cake in this photo shoot, is no one else than our make-up artist, Tanya. She was literally in every photo, continually reminding us that she is also on the set (despite the fact that we didn't forget it). Enjoy this little set, that I decided to call "Tanya is everywhere (literally)":
Thanks to my unique and talented team:
Photographer & Graphic designer: Hava Bonchuk.
Second photographer: Daniel Aranchuk.
Make-up artist: Tanya Bershadsky.
And me, the Alternative model: Vlada Gilburt.
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Love you too,
Vlada Gilburt.

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