Friday, 27 May 2016

The Pale Shadows of the Fear

Fear… this topic will be discussed a lot in my blog, and it’s definitely deserves this kind of attention. There is no doubt that this is one of the most interesting and strong emotions, that we may feel. Some of us may know this feeling even better than others, and they know how many shades, layers and depths it has. Fear is the base of any psychological disorder, and there is no doubt that it’s the key to the darkest rooms of our mind, heart and soul.
So, this photo shoot is called “The Pale Shadows of the Fear”, and it's a part of my project "Freakin' Awesome". The meaning of this photo shoot is just as the fear; it has a lot of shades, layers and depths.

As you have noticed, we have used a lot of symbols; “dark symbols”, or at least, so they called. We have mixed together, symbols from a lot of cultures and periods of time. The thing which is common to them all is the fact that a lot of people fear them even now, in the 21 century; it’s a deep and unconsciousness fear that just comes up when they see them, or even use them. It’s interesting to watch, how deep and strong fears can settle inside us, rolling from generation to generation. Also, another not less interesting thing to watch, is how when cultures meet each other, integrate, and then among the other things, exchange fears and superstitions; this process makes us to fear even more things than before. Of course, the fact that we tend to fear things that we can’t understand and/or explain contribute this process. The funny thing about it is that it makes us to think that our world is darker and scarier than it is the reality.

But, are these symbols really dark and scary, or is it just our imagination which turns them to be so? Are these symbols a real threat or danger, or is it just inside our mind? Do we need to fear so many things, just because our parents, and their parents, did? Do we suppose to fear something, as a result of a cultural influence? Do we even know, why we “suppose” to fear something, or do we just fear it, because it’s always has been this way?
Moreover, do we really suppose to be afraid of something? Is there really something that we need to fear, or is it all just inside our mind?
Most of the things that we fear are not really dangerous, evil or anything like this; they are just a result of our imagination. There are a lot of things, which has nothing to do with a real threat (symbols for example), but they are associated with fear, so we keep on fearing them, ignoring the fact that this fear is a result of decades of ignorance and superstitions.
Also, a lot of the things that we fear, will never happen, and even if they do, they won’t be as scary as we think they may be.

The truth is that there is nothing “out there”, but there is a lot “inside”; all of these demons, shadows and ghosts are just part of our imagination, they has nothing to do with reality.
Photographer, and graphic designer: Hava Bonchuk.
Make-up artist: Tanya Bershadsky.
Alternative model, the owner of the idea, and "wanna' be" a stylist (at least, in this particular photo shoot): Vlada Gilburt.
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